Corporate Events

Escape Plan is the ideal place for employees to build teamwork, communication, and problem solving skills. Your team will practice working together to achieve one goal: success. Each room was crafted to focus on critical thinking, problem solving and communication. Our escape rooms are not about finding random keys. Your team will investigate, unite and solve the problem!

We believe it is vital to meet your team’s needs. We schedule events outside or during normal business hours. We provide flexibility in total participants within each room. Want to create a friendly competition?  Talk to us about scheduling your group for an Escape Off!  Teams will compete through the same room fighting for the title of Escape Off Champion!  Want to spice up your monthly meeting?  Let us help!  Host your meeting, enjoy our catering options and end with an experience your group won’t soon forget!

Watch your team in action! Managers – escape rooms are the perfect place to watch your team members in action. Have an opening coming up?  Thinking about promoting within?  Sit with our staff and evaluate which one of your team members steps into the leadership role, which one keeps the group on task and who gives up in frustration.

We have 2 different options for you choose from.

  1. Smaller teams can book rooms individually for $160 per room. (which is $20 per person as opposed to the normal $25 per person)
  2. Large groups can reserve all three rooms to start at the same time for $480. ( For groups larger than 25 people, please call Lauren directly at 573-489-2890)

Catering?! We highly encourage parties at Escape Plan. You’re welcome to choose your own catering but we do have an excellent caterer we recommend. Kelsey Dean ,with Lyla’s Catering, is an amazing chef. If you choose the catering option, you will be able to contact her directly to set up a custom menu for your event. She has her mobile bar license and is able to set up a beer and wine bar as well. Yay!


Once you click on BOOK YOUR  EVENT HERE!, it will prompt you to choose your date, then your time, then your rooms or package, then you are ready to confirm. Happy booking and we look forward to hosting your team soon!