What is an Escape Room?

An Escape Room is your chance to encounter something different. Every escape room has it’s own experience. The point is to take you out of your element and create a world where clue seeking, problem solving and critical thinking are your only options to succeed. You cannot rely on just one person, you must work together to create the ultimate escape plan and beat the clock. You have 60 minutes… Work as a Team…Find the Clues…Escape the Room!


How many can be in each room?

Teams of 2-8 people are welcome in each of the three rooms. Our largest room is Harley’s Ride and we will allow up to 10 people in that room only. However, we will charge and additional $20 per person as the $160 per room is for only up to 8 people. Total cost for 10 people is $200.


What is the cost?

You are able to book an exclusive room for $160 for up to 8 people or it’s $25 per person.

Private and corporate events are available at $160 per room.

Catering and bar options are also available with our elite caterer, Kelsey Dean with Lyla’s Catering for an additional cost. We will allow you to bring your own food and drinks but it must be scheduled ahead a of time and there will be an additional cost for renting the space. Please call Escape Plan at 573-489-2890 if you would like contact information for Lyla’s Catering.


What is the suggested age?

Due to the nature of the games, we suggest participants be between 12-112. 11 and 113 year old’s are not as helpful. Participants 14 years or younger will require an adult.


Are reservations required?

Yes! Participants must reserve their rooms online at least 2 hours before their intended booking time. No refunds will be provided for cancellations or no-shows. All reservations can be re-booked with 2 hours notice. If you book over the phone, we will require a credit card to be put on file.


Are the rooms scary?

No! Each room has a different theme but they are created for a critical thinking experience and not like a haunted house.


How often are the success rates updated?

We update our success rates on a weekly basis. They may change drastically depending on who and how many groups play that particular room the previous week.


It is better to book online or call Escape Plan to book?

We prefer you book online. That way you have the chance to insert all of your information correctly and receive an immediate confirmation email. If you are having any trouble we will be happy to help you. When booking with us over the phone, we will require a card to put on file. It will not be charged until the day of your event or if you and your team pay at the door.

Can I purchase a gift card?

Yes! Click HERE to purchase a gift card.


What are the room themes?


How do I get out of this situation? I’ve been kidnapped due to my Father’s past. He was the lead detective who busted a local motorcycle gang for a competition they called the “Death Games”. During the raid, my Father shot and killed the leader’s only son. Now Harley, the leader, is out for revenge. He wants and eye for an eye, or in my case a son for a son. Harley’s goons threw me in their hell-hole of a bar and told me Harley will be back in about an hour. I’m handcuffed and hurting but I will find a way out before I suffer the same fate. I heard another rider talk about how Harley would stare at his license plate collection regularly. Who knows, maybe that’s my ticket out of this hell-hole. All I know is I don’t want to be another teardrop on their wall.


Danger, excitement, heroism  – that is why I joined the CIA. I am the bound protector and I intend to make my mark as the rookie agent. The last thing I should be thinking about is Agent Pierce Grey. He is a legend – a real life James Bond. For eighteen years he has moved under the cover of darkness and protected my country against countless attacks.  But the first thing we learn here is that the surface doesn’t always show the true depths of a person. Agent Pierce has secrets – secrets that I plan to reveal.


Meltdown (Coming Soon!)

You are witnessing the most devastating event known to the Midwest. Due to a tornado half of the reactor has blown up causing an extreme amount of radiation to leak into the atmosphere. One man stayed behind to make sure the generator kicked on and, as you can see, it didn’t go well for him. The poor corpse started the sequence to safeguard the generator and didn’t have time to finish before he suffocated. Your objective is to take over where he left off. Find the control panel, open the cooling valves and make sure that generator turns on. You have 60 minutes or else the entire reactor will blow killing the rest of the Midwest.