What is an Escape Room

Don’t believe the misnomers … our escape rooms aren’t scary. They’re just fun! An Escape Room is your chance to encounter something different. Every escape room has it’s own experience. The point is to take you out of your element and create a world where clue seeking, problem solving and critical thinking are your only options to succeed.

Our rooms host between 2-8 people at a time

Because of the mental challenge provided, we suggest participants be between ages 12 to 112. Unfortunately, 11- and 113-year olds are not as helpful. Participants 14 years or younger will require an adult.

Participants must reserve their rooms online 2 hours before their intended booking time. No refunds will be provided at any time. Reservations can be changed with 24 hours notice. In the case of bad weather, we will be happy to re-book your team for a more safe time slot.